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"Toward an integrated, joint cross-border detection system and harmonized rapid responses procedures to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergencies"
Implementation of an adequate, well-structured system that provides reliable detection and real-time notification is of outmost significance for an effective and timely response in emergencies resulting from industrial accidents, and is a pre-requisite to further implementation of a realistic civil protection policy.

A Decision Support Tool having access to, and using in an integrated manner, data from the entire cross-border area (regardless of physical country border) serves as a powerful tool to responsible authorities to implement countermeasures within a time compatible with that needed to protect the population. Also offers better coherence and transparency in the decision processes on local and border-crossing interventions as one input to improving public understanding and acceptance of off-site measures.

The RO-BG cross-border area concentrates the two countries' energy production capabilities based on nuclear technology (Cernavoda and Kozloduy NPPs), as well as important activities and industrial facilities having a high potential of risk due to routine handling of dangerous substances.

The recent process of technological risk identification at the border between Romania and Bulgaria (required by the SEVESO II, Directive 96/82/EC) shows that the main hazards in the cross-border area, comes from fertilizer industry, chemical industry, transport of dangerous substances, storing of petrochemicals, power supply and water treatment.

The necessity of implementation of core infrastructure for TIC detection in the cross-border area, resides in the requirements of fulfilling the obligation imposed by the 96/82/EC Directive (SEVESO II) and by the UNECE Convention on trans boundary effects of industrial accidents (signed by both Romania and Bulgaria).

Project Acronym: EMERSYS
MIS-ETC Code: 774
Application number: 2(4i)-2.2-1
Date of Approval: 28.11.2011
Duration: 24 month (2013 - 2015)
Funding Programme: Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
Project Cost: 6,428,807.22 Euro
Project ERDF Funding: 5,071,602.09 Euro
Romanian State Budget Contribution: 451,708.05 Euro
Bulgarian State Budget Contribution: 325,594.63 Euro
Project Status: Active
Lead Partner: IFIN-HH, Romania


4 December 2015, Signing the CBRN and DIEX RO-BG Cooperation Protocol at High Level

4 December 2015, Sofia. Press Conference

3-4 December 2015, Sofia. 5 th Project Steering Committee

2-3 December 2015, Sofia. Project Closure Meeting

24-25 November 2015, Magurele. 4 thProject Steering Committee

03-05 November 2015, Veliko Tarnovo. Technical meeting.

06 November 2015, Sofia, Albena. Demonstration of INRNEā€™s modern mobile CBRN laboratory.

15 - 16 May 2015, Giurgiu, Hotel Sud, Romania. Workshop for stakeholders information and consultation

15 May 2015, Giurgiu, Hotel Sud, Romania. Press Conference.

14 - 15 May 2015, Giurgiu, Hotel Sud, Romania. The third EMERSYS Project Steering Committee

28 Apr 2015, Press Conference; Presentation of joint exercise RO-BG

27 - 30 Apr 2015, Romania - Bulgaria joint exercise intervention in CBRN Emergency Situations

30 Mar - 04 Apr 2015, Technical meeting for preparing common exercise for CBRN emergency situations, Giurgiu, RO

23-28 February 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria, Training courses

09-13 February 2015, Main planning conference to prepare common exercise for CBRN emergency situations, Russe, BG

26-31 January 2015, Romania, Bucharest - Training sessions

02-07 December 2014, Bulgaria, Sofia - Training session

Technical Meeting among DGFSCP (BG-P3), GIES (RO-P2), and IFIN-HH (RO-LP), Romania, Giurgiu, 22-26 September 2014

Workshop for stakeholders Information and consultation, Bulgaria, Albena, 12-13 September, 2014 [EN][BG]

Technical Meeting among DGFSCP (BG-P3), GIES (RO-P2), and INRNE (BG-P4), Bulgaria, Sofia, 28-30 July 2014

The second EMERSYS Project Steering Committee meeting was on 1-2 April 2014 at Magurele-IFIN-HH and Ciolpani- GIES Romania

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EMERSYS Cofinancing Contract signed on July 11, 2013

EMERSYS Contract Signing
EMERSYS project is officially launching [ more ]
Media event on July 11, 2013 [ more ]
EMERSYS Subsidy Contract signed on July 5, 2013
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EMERSYS Contract Signing
1st Project Steering Committee meeting will be held on July 11-12, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

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